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Northridge, CA 91330-8249

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Craine, James W.

Patterns of Housing Price Change

McLaughlin, Lawrence
The Geography of Water and Law In The Mojave River Basin
Maslach, William R.
Historical Land Use of The Lower Las Virgenes Valley, Central Malibu Creek Watershed, 1500 - 2000 


Asparian, Sebouh
Application of The Homeland Theory To The Armenian
Population Cluster in Glendale, California
Boyle, Timothy
Ventifact Formation Little Cowhole Mountain East-
Central Mojave Desert
Clark, Alaric
Sedimentological and Morphological Characteristics of
Stable and Degraded Nebkhas Along The Mojave River,
Conkwright, Jennifer
Water Resources and Growth Management in Goleta,
DeMartino, Jennifer
Using GIS to Analyze Wildfire Safety at The Urban-
Wildland Interface, Topanga, California
Gerber, Kathryn
Community and Tourism at El Pubelo de Los Angeles
Historical Monument and Chinatown, Los Angeles,
Posner, Eric
Evolving Commerical Structure of Fillmore, California:
1895 to 1929
Roth, Jeffrey
Wildlife Corridors Across The 405 Freeway In The
Sepulveda Pass, Los Angeles, California




Maida, Barbara
Early Phase Efficacy of Slow-Growth Initiatives: S.O.A.R.
In Ventura County, California 1998-2001
Goldsobel, David
The Effectiveness of Oak Tree Ordinances In The City
of Santa Clarita
Green, Michael
Kerman: A Town The Developers Missed
Powell, Diane
The Milling Landscape of Northwest Portugal
Vacca, Joseph
Hillside Development In The Foothills of The San Gabriel
Mountains: In The Cities of Glendora, San Dimas,
La Verne and Claremont




Fenenbock, Lorna
An Expatriate Colony In San Miguel de Allende:
1937 - 1997
Ferguson, Christina
Conflicts In California Water Resources and Land Use
Halmai, Kristina
Sun, Sea and Sand: Tortola's Residents' Perceptions
On Tourism
Leonard, Meredith
An Evaluation of Ecological Criteria For Dam Removal
As Applied To Matilija Dam




Lunine, Seth R.
The Flexible and Fragmented City: Morphology and
Meaning in Emeryville, California
Krouse, Bryan
The Geography of Diabetes: A California Study
Sellers, Christopher
Visual Perception of Some Univariate Graduated Point




Been, Laura
Landscaping For A Southern California Lifestyle
Chin, Marcia
The Jamaica-California Connection: Migration and
Curti, Giorgio
The Globalizations of Ideas: Thought, Cause, And
Development - The Dumezilian Tripartite
Danna, Esteban
Air Passenger Transport In Argentina 1998-2001
Davenport, John
Manzanar Revisited: Culminating Experience
Hollinger, David
Post-Fire Erosion And The Role Of Bedrock: San
Dimas Experimental Forest
Maas, Regan
Access To Health Care Options In Los Angeles: An
Analysis of Elderly Ethnic Communities
McDonald, David
Assessing The Viability of Transit Oriented Development
In Los Angeles County
Rosenberg, Matthew
Catastrophic Hazards of Ventura County, California
Thornburg, Gina
Perceptions of Economic and Population Change In Four
Small Kansas Towns
Whittaker, Garfield
Balanced Jamaican Development: A Quest For Spatial




Antos, Michael
A Site Suitability Analysis For Stormwater Infiltration In
Los Angeles, California
Benito, Tomer
Spatial Distribution of Suicide Bombers In Israel In 2003
Boonsong, Garvin
Analysis Of The Development Of The Paso Robles Wine
Tourism Industry
Davis, Aaron
River Channel Dynamics In A Delta Environment:
Chorro Creek, California
Martain-Haverbeck, V.
Community-Based Tourism In Guatemala
Purdum, Tracy
Remote Sensing and Classification of Geologic Formations,
Panamint Range, California
Quiquivix, Linda
Guatemalan Transnationalism In Los Angeles
Woolford, Ryan
Evaluating The Impact Of Homicide On Property Value
In Los Angeles




Bashir, Fozia
Forecasting Impacts of Urban Development on Natural
Lands of Merced County
Bram, Danielle
A Predictive Model of Fennel Occurrence In The Santa
Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Douglas, Jessica
A Virtual Geography Field Trip: Ventura County
Doveri, Barbara
An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Inventory and
Distribution: An Application of Geography
Dunbar, Brian
Occupational and Residental Trajectories of Zapotec
Immigrations in Los Angeles
Garner, Timothy
Patterns of Private School Locations In The San Fernando
Moreno-Membrilla, Jose
Residence on Farmland In Ventura County, California:
A Housing Type On The Urban-Rural Interface
Richan, Douglas
The World Is Not Enough: The Geography of Bond, James Bond
Ridenour, Patricia
The Evolution of the Cultural Landscape of Yosemite
Valley, 1850-2000
Rozek, Stephanie
The Historical Ecology of The Santa Clara River
Slothower, Mark
Nanotechnology Clustering in America
Tsui, Joanne
China's Open-Door Policies and Regional Differences
In Urban Unemployment
Wilbur, Monique
The Nexus of Sustainability and Sense of Place In El
Dorado County, California
Quinones, Margarita
Mapping the Sourcepoints of Homelessness in Los Angeles County
Pesses, Michael Warren
Spaces of Bicycle Tourism
Chewtoh, Ivo
Successful Integration of GIS in Muncipal Asset-Management
Stansauk, Robert A.
The Standard Wildfire Risk Assessment






Solorio, Antonio
The Ethnobotany of Urban Home Gardens in East LA
Tarache, Zoe
The Impact of Air Conditioning on the Identity of Places and People
Kahn, Patrick
Modeling Karst Development in an Alpine Location: Mineral king, Sequoia National Park, California
Dvorak, Anna
The Impacts of Tourism on Mayan Identity







Jacobs, Jasmin J.
The Spirit of Aloah: The Impacts of Tourism on Maui, The Residents Perspective
Donegan, Rebecca Nicole
Not In My Backyard: Hiring Halls and Day Laborers
Smith, Brenton G.
Where to Live Without a Car
Gali, Sowmya, Sudhir
Changes In Wetland Management In Kolleru Lakem India- A GIS And Political Ecology Study
Baughn, Melissa Lynn
Dionysian Escapes, Creation Of Place: The (RE) Production Of Tourism Space In Tijuana
Evarts, Erin Elizabeth
Viticulture In The Santa Monica Mountains
Cunningham, John Ryan
Environmental Influence In Tokyo
Fernandez-Achenbach, Sandra Mary
A Perceptual Assment of Ecotourism Lodges In The Peruvian Amazon
Mohammad, Bedoor Adel
Validate Fire Severity Measures in Santa Monica Mtn.




Fargher, Brittaney.
Will Work for Food: Integrating Livestock and Landscape Management through Targeted Grazing


Newhall, Scott Alexander
The Geography of Consumerism: A Buddhist Deconstruction of Los Angeles


Beland, Michael Cooper
A Qualitative Analysis of Historical Wetland Habitats in the Lower Calleguas Creek Watershed
MacDonald, Beau Habitat Suitability Modeling for Western Snowy Plover in Central California
Janson, Tiffany E. The Effect of Media and Perception on the Tourist Industry of Gulf Coast Cities in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill of 2010




Broussard, Shea A.
Wildfire Flame Mapper: An Interactive, Close-To-Real-Time Fire Monitoring Tool, Forulated to Analyze Wildfires in the Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California


Lee, Po Chun Rich
The Expansion of In-N-Out Burger
Huerta, Jose Leon The Impact of Biodiversity Along Regulated Rivers
Ilicheva, Aleksandra Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Geography of Abundance, Sustainability, and Ethics of Non-Mammalian Marine Animals
Reynolds, Ryan Martin Commodification of the Hawai'ian Culture Through Tourism and Media
Stahl, Karen Marie Edward Saidi Tingatinga: The Man, the Movement, the Message
Stern, Jennifer Lorraine Commodification of the Hawai'ian Culture Through Tourism and Media
Karunamuni, Thushal Lung Cancer and Environmental Inequity in New York




Beattie, Romy N.
Beach Process and Rates of Change Within the Zuma Littoral Cell
Aldossary, Ahmed

Analysis of Urban Change Detection Techniques in Desert Cities Using Remote Sensing [E]

McCarter, David Frank
Spatial Analysis of Surf Music: 1961-1966 [E]
Knell, Matthew
Analysis of the Trees at California State University, Northridge [E]
Chen, Jorge
Building a Mobile Web Map for California State University, Northridge [E]
Shafer, Anthony
Exploration of Landscape Level Fuel Treatment Strategies for Wildland Fire [E]
Wilson, Deanna D
Hotspot Analysis of Roadkill in Southern California: a GIS Approach [E]
Meyers, Eric Christopher
Dark Reality of Domestic Homicide & Cold Weather [E]
Evans, Dominique
Creating a Secondary School Level GIS Program [E]
Pendleton, Patricia Marie
GIS-based Incident Mapping and Analysis Within the CSU Northridge Department of Police Services [E]
Nick, Andrea Lynne
Efficacy of Fire Suppression Repair Techniques in Preventing Soil Erosion on Dozer Lines in the San Gabriel Mountains [E]
Harju, Anthony
River Divided: the Fishing Cultures of the Kern River [E]
Yetter, Laura
Landscape Pattern a Determinate of Coastal California Gnatcatcher (Polioptila Californica Californica) Occupation [E]
McNish, Donald W.
North American Cargo: A Study of West Coast Container Port Inequity and the Underlying Reasons [E]




Bow, Cady Erin
Disturbance and Landscape Dynamics within the Eastern Deciduous Forest Ecosystem: A Case Study in Letchworth State Park [E]
Slivka, Timothy
Methods for Spectrally Unmixing Heterogeneous Pixels in Hyperspectral Datasets Using Bregman Algorithms [E]
Nersesian, Avo
Is Music Becoming Placeless? The Impact of Technology on Nodes of Popular Music Production Between 1991 and 2010 [E]
Sears, Lindsey
Diesel Trucks: Health Risk and Environmental Equity [E]
Sun, Jiaqi
Spatial Analysis of Population Exposure to PM2.5 Air Pollution in Los Angeles County, USA [E]
Abdulrahman, Mohammad
Measuring Lateral Erosion and Deposition Upper Owens River, Eastern California [E]
Neyman, Ilya
Forecasting California Thunderstorms [E]
Morrigan, Eryn
Habitat Suitability Analysis of the Coast Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) in the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area [E]
Boustani, Maziyar
Development of Geographic Information System for Facilities Management at California State University, Northridge [E]



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