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Northridge, CA 91330-8249

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Cambridge, Megan
The Effects Of Abandoned Waste Sites On City
Miller, Keith
Optimal Reserve Size And Management
Strategies For Conservation Of The Proboscis
Monkey In East Malaysia
White, Susan
An Assessment Of Mini-Mall Locations In The
Western San Fernando Valley


Barr, Edward
A Historical Geography Of Los Angeles: Factors
In The Growth And Development Of The City
Courter, William
Of Agriculture And Houses: Urban Growth In
Southwestern Riverside County
Funaiole, Lauren
A Biogeographical Study Of Abalone Habitat
Using A Geographical Information System
Hanzel, Gregory
A Case Study Of Physical Improvement And
Social Deterioration In Moneta Gardens
Hawthorne, 1950 - 1986
Hoffpauir, Patricia
Tourism Development On The Kona-Kohala
Coast, Hawaii
Leaver, Darren
Liquefaction Potential In The Santa Clarita Valley,
Moorhead, Laura
Patterns Of Birth Weight And Infant Mortality In
Los Angeles County: 1978 - 1984
Robinson, Michael
The Imapct Of Flooding On The Establishment
Of Exotic Vines In The Arroyo Seco (Pasadena)
Ryden, Keith
A Digital Approach To Dot Mapping


Lanphar, Thomas
Resolving Locational Conflict In Hazardous
Waste Management Facility Siting Through
The Tanner Process
Purtee, James
Modeling Neighborhood Strategy Areas: A
Method For Maximizing The Impact Of
Residential Rehabilitation
Wang, Qingling
Assimilation Of A Residentially Dispersed Ethnic
Population: Chinese In The San Fernando Valley
Weintraub, David
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome In Los
Angeles County 1978 Through 1987: A Nodal


Allen, Stanley
Territoriality In The Urban Housescape
Baker, Scott
The Effects Of Population Density On
Crime Rate In Los Angeles County
Chokshi, Dianne
National Parks In India And Nepal: Resident
Peoples And Sustainable Conservation
Manion, Brian
The Tidewater Goby Reintroduction Of A
Geographically Isolated Fish Species Into
Malibu Lagoon
Matyac, Joseph
A Plan For Allocation Of Irrigation Water
On The Coastal Plain of Ventura County
Mladenich, Brian
A Biogeographical Study Of Endangered
Plant Species Habitat Using A Geographic
Information System
Royden, Herbert
An Analysis Of Global Schistosomiasis
Problem, With An Emphasis On Biological
Methods Of Control


Burns, Deborah
A Spatial Analysis Of Racially Motivated Hate
Crimes In Los Angeles County
Clemen, Theresa
Evolving Trends In Academic Cartography
Within Geography
Kuhlman, Mark
Beach Processes And Wave Energy Forney Cove,
Santa Cruz Island, California
Lassiter, Unna
Ideology And Deaf Community Formation In The
Built Environment Of Chisholm Hall, California
State University, Northridge
Mayda, Chris
A Place Called Home
Van Empel, Cynthia
CEQA Process Analysis Of A Pro-Growth And
A Slow-Growth City
Wenzel, Karen
The Impact Of Historic Preservation On Land Use
Planning In Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California


Ehrgott, Andrea
Spatial Analysis Of Regional Variation In The
Prices Of Illcit Drugs In The Western United States
Hatter, Joyce
Land Use Models And Cemeteries In Los Angeles
Kamradt, Denise
Evaluating Bobcat Viability In The Santa Monica
Mountains, California
Moore, John
Climatological Repercussions Of The 1908
Tunguska Bolide Explosion
Oberreit, Jerome
Destruction And Reconstruction, Dubrovnik
Tepley, Caroline
High Altitude Lake Dynamics And Environmental
Change, Third Lake, Eastern Sierra Nevada,


Clancy, William
The Geography Of Food Crops In The Gaza Strip
Drake, Vicki
Hydrophobic Soil Genesis, Santa Monica
Mountains, Southern California
Duret, Kathy
Images Of The West: Creating A Sense Of Place
Through American Western Art
Kerr, Richard
The Fire Regime Of Mt. Gleason, California As A
Function Of Climate And Vegetation
Klinger, Jeffery
Impact Of Ozone On Bigcone Douglas-Fir In The
San Gabriel Mountains, California
Loo, Tom
The Closure Of George Air Force Base And Its
Impact Upon The City Of Adelanto
Murphy, Thomas
A Quanitative Health Risk Assessment For A
Manufacturing Company
Nellis, Julie
Visitors, Preceptions, And The Wilderness
Pepin, John
Comparative Distribution Of The Cactus Wren In
The San Gabriel And San Fernando Valleys, Los
Angeles County, California, 1893 - 1993
Reponen, Linda
Site Selection Study For Septage Receiving
Stations In The City Of Los Angeles


Beck, Melanie
Development Of A Methodology To Track General
Plan Compliance
Deis, David
Street of Dreams: Tracing The Historical
Development of Downtown Los Angeles' Jewelry
Osmer, Harold
Automobile Racing Venues In Los Angeles,
Rogers, Howard
Interpretation Of Late Pleistocene Shorelines,
Deep Springs Valley, California
Wickham, John
Residential Mobility Patterns Of Households
Displaced By The Northridge Earthquake
Wood, Kerry
The Development Of GIS In California


Dittmer, Mia
Agriculture In The Santa Ynez Valley: 200 Years
Of Change
Neil, Richard
Impact of Interstate 210 Freeway On Old Route
118, Sunland-Tujunga, California
Vallade, Martine
Spatial Distribution of Tuberculosis In Los Angeles
County Between 1993 and 1996


Grant, James
The International Trade of The Port of Los
Angeles 1900 - 1930
DeLa Torre, Mary
The Provenance of Sand In Olancha Dunefield
Owens Lake, California
Bottoms, Brian 
Pollution, Race, and Industry In The Valley
Skinner, Angela
Wine Tourism In Santa Ynez Valley, California:
Sustaining The Rural Environment 
Thomas, David
Analysis of Rare Species Habitat Areas Located
Within Yolo County, California 
Vaughn, Stephen
Perceptions of Marine Tenure and Fishing Site
Selection On Guam 
Youhanna, Adrian
Sense of Place In Film: The American Frontier

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