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CSU Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8249

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Dalton, Glen
Epistemological Uncertainty In Geography
Dyroy, Lola
An Evaluation Of The Effectivness Of
Environmental Impact Reports In Regulating
Urban Land Use
Glantz, Joyce
Environmental Lead Near Los Angeles City
Kenzer, Martin
The Long Valley: A Phenomenological Permutation
Poseley, Gregory
Plant Associations Of La Jolla Valley Ventura
County, California
Robinson, Olivia
The Pleistocene Glacial Sequence Of Pine Creek,
Round Valley, California
Rodie, Warren
Environmental Aspects Of Settlement In Owens
Valley, California
Rundstrom, Robert
Discriminable Patterns For Tactual Choropleth Maps


Danta, Darrick
Centrography Of Planes, Perimeters, And
Gregory, Therese
Martian Wrinkle Ridges: Distribution, Morphology,
And Tectonic Implications
Wherry, David
California Wilderness Users


Alazzawi, Saad
Boundaries For The "Holy Land"
Duriscoe, Daniel
Effects Of Fire On Certain Physical Properties Of
Selected Chaparral Soils
Kinzell, Lamoyne
Stabilizing The Economic Base Of Palmdale,
California An Applied Economic Geography Study
Perry, Julie
Impacts Of Growth Controls On South Coastal
Santa Barbara County, California



Hoover, Doris
Climatic Factors Of Geographic Variation In
Yucca Whipplei Torrey
Mosleh, Zahra
Rural-Urban Migration And Urban Poverty: The
Case Of Tehran, 1962 - 1978
Nichols, Thomas
California Shore Whaling, 1854 To 1900
Schutz, Randall
Two Literary Landscapes Of Southern California


McClellan, Charles
Water Supply And Land Use In Papagueria
Reese, Patricia
Landscape Evaluation
Yassinski, Lee
Chappellet Vineyards: A Case Study


Chambers, Frederick
Pleistocene Glaciation Of Laurel Creek Canyon,
Groenendaal, Gayle
California's First Fuel Crisis And Eucalyptus
Kopulsky, Daniel
The Impact Of The Energy Crisis On Commuting
Patterns In The San Bernardino - Riverside -
Ontario SMSA
Whelan, Brian
Identifying Regional Parkland Potential In The San
Fernando Valley
Zetsche, Stephen
Infrared Visibility Prediction


Wohlgemuth, Peter
Surface Sediment Transport: A Reviews Of
Current Knowledge And A Field Study Of Its
Spatial And Temporal Distributions In the
San Dimas Experimental Forest, California


Duitsman, Mary
Ecology And Theology: Christian Responses To
Lynn White Jr.
Edwards, Janet
Mule Deer Habitat Requirements And Their
Resource Management Implications For
Cheeseboro Canyon
Hein, Lawrence
RADRIC: Ratio Of Annual To Diurnal Range As
Index Of Continentality
Ledbetter, David
The Influence Of Affordable Housing In
Stimulating Development In And Migration To
The Urban Fringe Of Southern California
Reid, William
A Critical Analysis Of Eastern Mojave Desert


Park, Soon
Identifying The Areal Extent Of Korea Town In Los
Thielke, Paul
Changing Pattern Of U.S. Corporate Headquarters,
Yucikas, Stanley
The Rise And Fall Of Computer Retailing:
A Study Of The San Fernando Valley,
1976 Through 1986


Courtney, Richard
Urban System Development Trends In The Upper
Midwest 1900 - 1980
Lieberstein, Terry
Reserve Design In The Santa Monica Mountains
Murphy, Thomas
A Southern California High Ozone Climatology
Radis, Steven
Surfing Climatology Of Southern California

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